Kalakunjin, the sleek Black Beauty, the only one of her kind in Tobago was born in L‘anse Fourmi 1/4/98. Her brave father is a black stallion named Franky and her mother is a brown Thoroughbred named Tai Pan.

She stands at 14.5 hands. Our Kalakunjin (it means the black secret garden) is a favorite mare to many of our regular riders.

She loves to carry brides on their wedding day through the seawater in Buccoo as she glides along like a Dolphin. Because she walks with such pride and confidence, the Black Beauty will fast become your teacher!

If you stroke her forehead, sing to her your favorite song, or whisper into her ear she will become a lifetime friend. And the secret, bring her Crix and she will follow you anywhere whether to graze or take a quiet stroll on the beach.