Zimbu, was sired by Grannus and is a Hanoverien gelding originally from Brazil. Zimbu is the name of a small island off El Salvador, Brazil.

He came to Trinidad in December of 2009 via Ocala, Florida. He has a history of disliking water on his face but now he swims with the herd as if he had been born in water!! Zimbu has always had a big heart and as a dressage horse and jumper he gave his all even when he was not "sound". 

His previous owner, Chelsea Thomas, told us he was always very gentle and loving and enjoyed being ridden. We see that now as this big, white horse has
made friends with all the herd and gives his heart to the children. 

We love our star Zimbu and he is a great gift to us. He has worked hard all his life and now he can enjoy the gentler life of Buccoo and the open sea, pastures and the loving care from all of us at Healing with Horses. If you give Zimbu treats he will follow you for sure!! Thank you for coming to us, Zimbu!!!