We Offer some very unique experiences with our horses in Buccoo Bay

Swim and Trail Combination

Our very special offer! Swim along the bay after a beautiful Beachride…

Two magical ecxcursions

Come with us on a 3 or 4 hours tour to visit magical places like the Luise Kimme Museum or No Man’s Land.

For experienced riders only.


We offer a two bedroom, selfcontained air conditioned House overlooking pigeon point at Buccoo point

Being with horses Session

… for everybody who would like to come regular. learning how to groom a horse, walk a horse, groundwork, Ridinglessons…

Holidays in Paradise

„Being with horses“ offers accommodation for every Animal Lover incl. Room/Food/pick up Taxi/Ride/Swim…

Therapeutic riding

for children and adults with disabilities. expand the body, mind and spirit of children and adults who live with disabilities through the partnership with the horse and therapy. 


Meet your Groom/Bride on the Horse at the Beach.

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