We Offer a very unique experience with our horses in Buccoo Bay

Swim and Trail Combination

Our very special offer! Swim along the bay after a beautiful Beachride,

After introducing the Horses to our guests – Letting you know about their personality,  character… their Age, where they came from… telling you the importance of Body language – which the horses respond to – how to interact with them in an easy way.

You will choose your team´partner – you guide the Horse, mount the Horse, after that we take everybody through the village – for a stroll along the Goatrace´track, the Wetland Mangroves – after that for a long Beachride… at the end of Buccoo Bay we are taking the Herd swimming along the Bay.

We practice Natural Horsemenship, Bitless Bridle, Bare back pads… Please come in comfortable Holiday Clothes (T-Shirt, Short Pants) and bring a change of clothes.

Bring your Camera – Everything else Equipment wise, we provide.

It is a 2 hour experience. A personnel Guided TOUR – Everybody is welcome – no age limit most of our clients are firsttimers. No experience needed – The only limitation is the Weight limit (190 pounds).

The cost of this personal guided tour is 100 USD per person.

You need to make your booking in advance due to limited space. We are going out either mornings 9am – 11am or afternoons 3pm – 5pm.

Booking policies:
Cancellation policy will refund you in 100 %
(48 hour prior Session)

You’re interested?
Please send us a WhatsApp to:
+1 868 3073425
or a Mail to:

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